Preparation Tasks

Participants attending the IMPACT Advanced Workshop are strongly encouraged to review this webpage and complete a Growth Action Plan.

1. Content Re-Activation

Prior to attending the workshop, participants should review previous training content and manuals and re-activate the following key content.


      • Activating versus suppressing experiences

      • Side-by-side

      • Intentional practice

      • Respond versus react brains

      • What-What-How as a grounding and decision making tool for self

      • What-What-How as a brief model of intentional practice

      • Activation Cycle

      • Observations

      • Patterns

      • Under the Surface

      • Grounded

      • Safe Base

      • Growth Intent

      • Activating scripts and strategies

      • Validation, curiosity and coaching as activating processes

      • Relationship web and working with others

    2. Growth Action Plan

    Participants are encouraged to watch this video, at each of the “pause” points, take the time to complete a documented Growth Action Plan on a person they are supporting. It can be a child, young person or adult. The video lasts 17 minutes, however, the process should take approximately 45 minutes.